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Say i with a condom!

At Condom King, you can easily make your own professional and stylish condom. Depending on how good your imagination is of course. Or how well you do in the picture.
But it's so simple.

This is how to start
Add an image (+ Image). Then add text if you want (+ Text) and Save. Now the image is saved on our server. Wow, you made your own condom! If you use a mobile phone, you can take a picture and upload it immediately and you will have condoms with the picture on within a couple of days.

All you have to do now is buy this product in exactly the same way as you buy other products. The more you buy, the cheaper it will be.

- FAQ and things to take into consideration -

We use an image that is 733 x 768 pixels or 6.2 x 6.5 cm (300 dpi). If you upload a small image, it may be blurry. However, all modern phones take excellent and fully large enough pictures!

Can you resize the image?
Yes, if you have uploaded a picture that you took with your phone, it is easy to resize it so that it fills the entire box without it being blurred. Just drag the corners (the blue boxes).

Can you have several pictures?
Sure you can! Also multiple texts. Upload multiple images and mix them in some cool way.

When printing, there is no millimeter justice. The print can land up to 2 mm obliquely, so do not place important things exactly at the edges as they risk not coming along.

My picture that is squared ends up outside the "condom" - does it matter?
No. Scribble on as much as you want. The graphic that ends up outside the circle (condom) is still cut off before it is printed.

How good will it be?
Very good! If you are curious, you can buy a Happy Condom or start by ordering a single one.

Can you upload pictures showing skin?
Yes, we do not censor anything as it is your product. You choose what motive you want. However, we will not print pictures where we suspect that any crime might be committed.

Can you change your design afterwards?
Sure you can! Just make a new design, or build on the old one, and press save. It works well until you are completely finished with your order.

Does the tool not work properly or do you want to use e.g. Photoshop?
If you have an old telephone, it may be difficult to get an overview. It does not matter! Download a template instead, design and email it to customer service. (as we did in the good old days) Download the template here. We can accept all file formats.